Piano and Vocal Lessons

Audrey Collins, Music Teacher

I've been teaching piano and voice lessons at music schools and individually for almost eight years now. I am based out of Seattle, Washington area. I strive to make each lesson original and fun, while being effective and ultimately creating a wonderful teacher to student experience. I am not strict, but I encourage progress with my overt enthusiasm, variety of games and exercises, and the reward of my spectacular stickers!

- Audrey


"Audrey is not only an amazing singer, but also an amazing teacher. She gives constructive criticism when necessary, and you know she cares about every note that you sing. Audrey will give compliments when you're on pitch, and you will be able to tell when she is proud. You'll find yourself taking pride in your own voice alongside your parents who will hear you perform when you complete a song. You will leave every class smiling from the minutes spent working on songs that you love to sing. Never once will you feel like Audrey hasn't pushed you to the best of your ability, and you'll soon discover the 100% truth in this as you find lots of improvement in your singing faster than you can say, "Do rey mi fa so la ti do!" "
-Brynne (Student)

"My son enjoys his lessons with Audrey. Her instruction has inspired his continued love of the piano. We appreciate that Audrey adapts her lessons to appeal to our son's interests and tastes. She breaks down each piece so that he can find success on a weekly basis."
-Kathleen (Parent)

"Its been a wonderful year. I have learned so many things. From learning how to breathe properly to opening my mouth more, and projecting more. There are more things I learned, such as my range and how to harmonize. I am becoming a better artist/singer! I remember the first song you wanted me to sing and that was "Need you now" by Lady Antebellum. I still sing that song to this day. That song brings back memories. I even sang it for my grandparents and other family members on their anniversary. I love talking to you every wednesday, you are always interested in what I am talking about. Thank you!"
-Jessica (Student)

"Our family met Audrey about a year ago when she was highly recommended to us by a close friend as a fantastic piano teacher. In our experience, this is an understatement, rather she is truly a "young musician whisperer", inspiring young minds far beyond the piano keyboard.
Audrey teaches piano to my two sons, ages five and seven, who have differing levels of experience: my older son had had a year and a half of lessons in his former school while my younger child had never had a lesson.
Audrey is a highly talented musician and artist with a great appreciation for all sorts of expression, including those of children. She innately understands, values and elevates their thoughts and discourse and the children respond strongly to this and share deeply with her. Audrey incorporates their passions wherever and whenever she can, whether it be in the substance of her lessons or in her choice of the stickers she offers as a reward at the end of the lesson. Her natural ability to connect with children only adds to her efficacy as a teacher.
Audrey knows her material very well and does a great job of teaching from the books that she uses. However, she is also extremely creative in how she imparts the material and she plays a very large variety of games with the kids. For example, she has the kids pretend to be an animal using the piano. She also plays guessing games and drawing games that interpret musical expression. Her talent for incorporating other forms of artistic expressions (non-musical) into her lessons is highly enriching.
Furthermore, Audrey is responsive to the kids' mental state during lessons and is able to seamlessly switch to less structured methods if one of the children, often my younger son, happens to be tired or particularly distracted. For example, she will allow him to compose his own pieces, even filming him and letting him listen to his invented piece. This opportunity for creativity enables him to refocus on the lesson and also bolsters his confidence. Also, if the children find a concept particularly difficult, she switches approach and by the end of the lesson, they are confident to tackle the piece. She has a wonderful sense of humour that keeps the tone of the lessons light and unstressful. She even writes notes to the kids in their books that keep them smiling and laughing all week.

She is the brilliant craftswoman of her lessons and extraordinarily creative in finding ways to teach the concepts she is trying to impart. This variety makes her lessons dynamic and the children respond well to these strategies and enjoy them. Above all, Audrey's lessons are just great fun!
The result is that my children look forward to their lesson and are inspired to practice. They have also begun to incorporate the piano into their play (Audrey has intentionally nurtured the kids' interest in playing piano together). For example, a short while ago, my younger son dressed up and began dancing around in a silly penguin costume and my older son ran to the piano to accompany him. My younger son also now loves to "conduct" the music we listen to. And on another occasion, while we were sitting in church, the kids looked through the hymnal and started pointing out all the different kinds of notes they know.
As a result of Audrey's inspired teaching, my children's eyes have been opened to the fact that musical expression goes far beyond the piece that they practice all week. They have tremendous admiration for Audrey as a musician and love the part of the lesson when they get to accompany her as she plays the dominant part of a piece. This only adds to their musical self-confidence. Another of Audrey's skills is indeed her great ability to nurture self-confidence in her students.
After watching Audrey teach my children for a number of months and helping them with their practice pieces, I felt inspired to restart lessons, twenty-five years after my last one! Audrey is just as remarkable as a teacher of adults. She is always well-prepared, punctual and presents the material clearly and succinctly. With her encouragement, I have progressed far more quickly than I ever imagined possible. And again, the lessons are just plain fun! Audrey's enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious! I look forward to our lessons and we now play our practice pieces together as a family, a wonderful and enriching experience for all.
Audrey is infinitely patient, supportive and enthusiastic. She is a joy to be around and her energy is easily communicated to all her students, young and old. Simply stated, she is all around an outstanding teacher!""
-Karin (Parent)

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